kablamo_z (kablamo_z) wrote in icutmyhair,

no one's posted here for a while but i r desperate

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Id say shave it and show pics of it !!!


August 29 2008, 10:21:35 UTC 9 years ago

Should look good on you - you could also try getting advice from here - http://community.livejournal.com/_thechelseas/


August 29 2008, 16:27:46 UTC 9 years ago

I say go for it
Only do it if you really want to. It is an extreme cut and looks terrible growing out. If you are willing to shave your entire head at some point, or not adverse to your hair not looking great 100% of the time, then yes.
it would look very good on you if you really want this :)


October 7 2008, 02:43:10 UTC 9 years ago

Maybe you should try just having really short hair with bangs and the mohawk first, then if you think that looks good or want to go all the way, then go ahead and shave it. You can always cut your hair shorter, but it takes time for it to grow.