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Hey!!! I'm getting my haircut/colored tomorrow and need some help. Everyone tells me they love my hair but I feel like I need something new. I'm 22 petite blue eyes very straight hair and live in nyc if this helps! I feel like I look 16 !! i'm at law school take me seriously!!! hahah

only blonde (on left)



close up
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Try it short! It's drastic, but I just got mine chopped off and it really made me look more "grown up." Just make sure they listen to you at the salon and that they're using good shears!

Salon Hive has some videos that might help you have an idea what you want!http://www.salonhive.com/videos/search/?search_id=hair+scissors&search_type=search_videos&submit=+


Good luck!
I agree...go short.


March 4 2009, 22:56:44 UTC 8 years ago

Do not cut off your long beautiful hair. You would be making a big mistake. You look great, short hair is only for men not for beautiful women. You should grow it longer and you will look professional. Don't listen to anyone who tells you to cut your hair. If you don't want to cut it then you shouldn't. Be smart you're gorgeous, with short hair you'd look scary. Your hair should be treasured not cut off.
You're a cunt.
I'm going to take a stab in the dark and say you're one of those people with disgustingly long hair that thinks it's beautiful but everyone wants to puke when they see you coming.

I think short hair looks more professional and for some faces it will make you look more mature.

I think you'd look amazing with a layered bob or maybe a textured a line cut. Have you ever had bangs? Side bangs might look great on you.