manonn_eke (manonn_eke) wrote in icutmyhair,

my hair

I just joined live journal but i got a question about my hair.
I think  i am up for a new style but not sure what will suite me.

If you need more pics ask for it :)

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September 6 2008, 15:52:10 UTC 9 years ago

Sorry, dude. These pics are from someone's myspace account, and I somehow doubt it's yours.


September 7 2008, 08:00:48 UTC 9 years ago

Ok then dont believe me it really is me..
If she *has* stolen someone else's pictures for the sake of uploading them to a hair community... to ask about SOMEONE ELSE'S HAIR... then she's pretty sad. :/ What's the point?


September 9 2008, 22:13:19 UTC 9 years ago

To get people to post pictures of short hairstyles, I guess, or to create a bit of a fantasy story about that girl having her hair cut.


September 9 2008, 19:58:29 UTC 9 years ago

You Suck...You Hair Fetisher!
A mod should take this post down. It's a troll posting pics of a girl from a hair fetish board.


September 10 2008, 09:25:23 UTC 9 years ago

well if the guy wanted to see her with short hair, why not just look in the girls' "after haircut" folder on photobucket....