shin_akuma (shin_akuma) wrote in icutmyhair,

Short Haircut

hello everyone,

i need you girls help. my gf promise me that she would cut her hair short for me.  i would say like a short bob or an aline bob. she knows i love short hair. i was wondering if it suits her and if it does how short? if u have examples please post i need ur help cuz we can agree on how shirt i want her to cut it.
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Good for her! I cut mine for my bf when it was below my waist and perfect! It was for his B-day and I let him take me to a salon and show the stylist a pic (that I had not seen) of how HE wanted it cut. I was TERRIFIED as she started cutting, but it was also VERY exciting not knowing how short it would be! She cut it BOY short...and even used clippers on the back and sides. I could never describe to you the emotions I felt as my hair was being cut off, but I haven't experienced many things that were that exciting and fun (for BOTH of us). If your gf has already cut her hair short for you, then you both know what I'm talking about. If she HASN'T cut her hair short yet, the you're about to find out. Have fun!!